Wine Odyssey is a multimedia platform. The protagonists are the wine territories in Italy and in the world. The story is declined in film productions, digital content and special events online and in person. We thus guarantee an international coverage on the reference target without equal. Distributed by Zenit cinema and television distribution in Italy; Tricoast worldwide Cinema and Television all over the World; Valica network digital partner leader in Italy with 30M unique visitors on the network portals; Ovr for the creation of virtual environments.
A journey into the universe of wine through the story but also real-life experiences in the places of wine with the great winemakers of the world. A virtual journey into worlds where technology will allow us to take you in real time to learn about the history of the most important wines in the world. Ovr.ai is developing virtual reality environments with us to increase and improve the wine experience from your home. We are also developing specific tours with the best tour operators in order to create memorable experiences in the knowledge of the world of wine.