Maurizio Gigola

Maurizio Gigola began his career in Milan, during the birth of the first private radios and the explosion of Made in Italy. He has had experiences in the fields of photography, radio, directing and the production of documentaries and commercials. Between 2016 and 2018 he produced and directed the documentary film ‘The Great Italian’, on the life of Gualtiero Marchesi. Today he is producing Wine Odyssey and three other documentaries. He works and lives between Italy and San Francisco. The topics of attention are: wine, food and music and of course Italy and its beauties. The attention and love for music led him to create high-profile soundtracks, collaborating among others with musicians of the caliber of Giovanni Sollima, Omar Sosa and Ernestikko, but also local talents such as Rebi Rivale and Elsa Martin. the specific projects in production: cambur pinton, a film documentary on Venezuelan music and concert for Aquileia wine and music with Omar Sosa. The development of the storytelling of the projects always has a way of socially observing the theme treated as in the case of longevity that looks at food as a better way to live accessible to all.


Sri Swami Satchidananda, an Indian religious teacher and spiritual master, gave the opening speech after Richie Havens performed his act kicking off the Woodstock music festival. He addressed almost half a million people with a very poignant and empowering message.

“My Beloved Brothers and Sisters we can just feel the vibes. Music is a celestial sound, and it is the sound that controls the whole universe, not atomic vibrations. Sound energy, sound power, is much, much greater than any other power in this world. And, one thing I would very much wish you all to remember is that with sound, we can make—and at the same time, break,” he bellowed into the mic.

The film tells the story of Ancel Keys the famous American nutritionist. It starts from America in the 50s showing not only how food styles can influence people’s health but how these are central to the most relevant expressions of humankind often becoming the highest representation of the social, artistic and spiritual man.

Francesco, our pope in his encyclical letter “Laudato sì ” refers to topics that speak clearly of food and agriculture as the most critical elements relating to what is happening to “our house.”

Themes such as the use of water, climate change, the loss of the biodiversity are drivers of the evolution in our “diet” understood as a long history of conviviality, beauty and knowing how to live. Our journey will be in Italy and around the world, which with the help of MR Keys will reveal some secrets for a better and perhaps even longer life.